ZCore Finance


ZBOOST is a deflationary token that gets burned with every transaction. It also drives ZEFI’s burning mechanism, helping decrease it’s continuous inflation.
Ticker: ZBoost (ZBO)
Contract address: 0x7D3550d0B0aC3590834cA6103907CD6Dd41318f8 Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) Max Supply : 220,000 Initial Supply : 100,000 (IFO) Issue of remaining 120,000 ZBoost over the 24-month period distributed in the Vaults
Burn system:
1% of all ZBOOST transactions are taken for burning purposes. 75% of it is directly burned, and the 25% remaining is converted to ZEFI and then completely burned. No ZBOOST is redirected to the ZCore team.
Example: User sends 10 ZBOOST -> recipient gets 9.9 ZBOOST -> 0.075 ZBOOST is directly burned -> 0,025 is converted to ZEFI -> ZEFI gets burned
Burn transaction can be viewed by clicking here