Burn Mechanism

There will be a transaction fee during staking which will then be used to purchase ZeFi Token. The current transaction fee is set at 4%. We will review the price of ZeFi Token and see if we should increase or decrease the fee.

All burning fee (90% of the 4%) will be used to purchase ZEFI/wZCR/ZCRT and burn this coins

Burn ZeFi:

  • 90% of the 4% burn will be used to purchase ZEFI and burn.

  • 10% of the 4% burn will be sent to the developer’s address.

  • The current burn is done manually to stabilize the price when massive dumps happens as we are trying to promote long term yield farming instead of pump and dump.


  • 100% of the 4% WZCR Pool fee will burned.

  • 100% of the 4% ZCRT Pool fee will br sent to the token address for recirculation.

Burn transaction can be viewed by clicking here